Terms of use

§ 1 Scope, amendments to Terms of use

  1. These are the terms of use for the server hosting service by i-craft.de Gaming Community. Other service may have different ruling.
  2. The terms are applied to all visitors of this serviceDie Nutzungsbedingungen gelten für alle Besucher dieses Dienstes, independently, whether an user account is registered or not. Our privacy policy has to be noted.
  3. If a visitor does not agree with this ruling, this page has to be left immediately.
  4. The terms can be amended at any time. The amendment will be accounced 2 weeks in advance and is applied to everyone, likewise for users who use fee-based offers.
  5. If a situation occurs that is not ruled in these terms, all rights and decisional power are with i-craft.de Gaming Community.
  6. The applied law is the law of the German Federal Republic.

§ 2 User account

  1. To register an user account, a valid mail address that belongs to the user has to be given.
  2. Each user may have only one account.
  3. The user account and all associated uses will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity. Several warnings will be sent via email in advance.

§ 3 Sevices

  1. Each user must have a legal account for the respective game. This will be achieved by giving the game account username in the web interface (depending on game). It is not possible to use one game account for more than one server.
  2. We are not liable for data of a user, even if technical problems occur. The user has to ensure that backups are avaiable. For paid services we may refund an appropriate amount.
  3. A server will be removed after 3 month of inactivity, following warnings via email in advance.
  4. Users may not claim against us, especially for free services.