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Benjamin Dreier
Hirtenstraße 29b
20535 Hamburg

Nathanael Urmoneit
Schlüterstraße 6
99089 Erfurt


Privacy policy

Which information is collected?

IP address

The IP address is necessary to identify the user in the internet. While visiting our website the IP address is cached by the webserver between incoming requests and outgoing responses. We configured our webserver to not log IP addresses in files.

Email address

When a user registers on the site he has to input an email address. This address is stored in our database until the accountis deleted. Only team members of Community have access to that database.
We use the email address to send important messages such as inactivity warnings or confirmations of registration or purchases. Furthermore we can use it to contact the user by sending unautomated messages if it will be necessary.

Your rights

Information and correction

Each user has the right to be provided with information about their collected personal data for free in a readable format and correct them if necessary.


The user can require deletion of their personal data at any time. However this is only possibly if the associated account will be deleted.