• Optimization of the website
    For some time, we work at the optic and new features on our website. Until now more than 1.000 server were created. Now we can look with a happy look forward to 2018 and 5.000 created servers. The thanks go to every user, who use our service and already have invested in us with trust.
  • 3 new dedicated servers owned
    Recently we added 3 new server-athletes to our server farm which will offer you the maximum of performance. - For the perfect gaming experience only the best!
  • This is us
    We successfully won more Employee for our project. Everyone can help, everyone can let his ideas flow in the project. So, are you interested, do you have tips or ideas? - You can join our team and help us to make our service even better.
  • Upgrade your Server
    More and better performance, more memory and additional features! - With upgrading your server to a higher level of the best gaming experience you can get much more from all these.
  • Quick setup

    Your own server in seconds! - And it does no matter if you have a free or a paid server! – The interface will be the same: clearly and optimally operable!

    Powerful interface

    Customized to your needs, we offer you every possibility to optimally configure your own server for you! For example, the configuration, the global ban-list or the simple Mod-Database.

    Free of charge

    Our service is free! – For everyone! Just try it out or become a Poweruser like many other users!

    Twitch Support

    Together to success! - And that with streaming services! Our team finances your Factorio-Server and publish your streaming times on our homepage. Please feel free to contact us.


    For large events, whether YouTube or Co. – Our servers keep your requirements! Quick and easy access to your server – More time to render or cut your videos!

    Fair Affiliate Marketing!

    You can also join our affiliate marketing! - Get a customer purchases a product through your recommendation, and be rewarded.


    A new Mod is extremely easy to activate or deactivate. - The server does all the work for you in the background so you can focus on playing!


    With your feedback in the chat or Support-Ticket you control the development! - We respond to every request to expand our service constantly and improve!

    Automatic Updates

    We don’t miss an update, which will also no longer happen to you! If you activate the automatic updates, you don’t need to worry - Your server dos everything by itself!