Welcome to I-Craft.de!

We offer you the possibility to create a game server for free and without effort. With time we add more and more games in all recent stable and experimental versions.

How it works:

After registration you can create one server of a game of your choice. Depending on the game you can upload your own mods and savegames. There is limited disk space indeed (however it is big enough for common desires) and you can only change certain settings.
As required we demand the input of certain user data, to ensure that every user truly creates one server and acquired the game legally.
Through our load balancing technology we keep all our dedicated servers at nearly same load. This is why every game server gets assigned a host address only after it was started.

Supported games:

Factorio Terraria - coming soon Teeworlds - coming soon Don't starve Together - coming soon

Visit our Discord server: